When a CASA volunteer enters the life of a child, amazing things happen.

  • Weekly visits to museums and baseball games instill confidence and joy.
  • A CASA volunteer takes the time to uncover a learning challenge and works with school officials to diagnose and address it.
  • On the recommendation of the CASA, a child living in a group home is reunited with a now-recovered parent.
  • A 12-year-old boy who has known despair and loneliness discovers love and hope because he has someone who cares.

CASA of San Mateo County knows which children need help. We have the capacity to recruit enough CASA volunteers for every child who needs one. But we don’t have the funds to train and support every volunteer who wants to help.

  • A gift of $20,000 would fund 8 CASA volunteers to support 8 children as they travel a difficult road toward success.
  • Your gift of $2,500 would provide a CASA volunteer to a child for one year, ensuring that one more child does not have to face life alone.

CASA of San Mateo County has a reputation for fiscal responsibility and for using donor dollars efficiently—89¢ of every dollar goes directly to help kids in need. You can be confident that your donation will support a child who would otherwise face life alone.

CASA of San Mateo County is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, and your gift is fully tax deductible.

Tax ID: 04-3849393

Because every child counts, every dollar counts. Can we count on you?